CA Jojo James

Head: Corporate Finance & Debt Consulting

Mr. Jojo James is the head of International Corporate Finance division operating from UAE and specializes in advising clients with respect to raising of equity & debt funding, external commercial borrowing, complex cross-border financial transactions and investment advisory.

He also specializes in advising & executing formation of companies in UAE and other foreign countries including incorporation of offshore companies in various international locations.

He is having 20 years experience in India and abroad with work exposure in various levels of finance & accounts functionalities.

Education, Licenses & Certifications:
Chartered Accountant (FCA), Cost Accountant (CMA-USA), M.Com, MBA

Professional and Industry Experience:
  • Mr. Jojo James is a finance & business advisory specialist facilitating various funding options from major international banks and financial institutions of India, USA & other countries. He has successfully arranged funding of USD 150 Million during the last 6 years.
  • He has been involved with advising Indian & overseas corporates for setting up their operations in India & other countries, advising them on the most efficient entry structuring from the tax and regulatory angles. He has hands-on experience in a multitude of fiscal and regulatory issues, cross border transactions, transfer pricing, expatriate taxation and corporate restructuring.
  • Jojo James is an advisor for various international trade deals, merger & acquisition, acting as an agent for many Indian companies in Dubai and knowledge partner for various Indian business promotion councils.
  • His repertoire of clients include market leaders in various sectors such as Real Estate, Construction, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Consumer and Industrial Markets, Media, Health care, Transportation and Logistics
  • Apart from the above professional achievements, he is having good contact with various international companies of repute, senior professionals from different countries and government departments of UAE.


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CA Shihab Thangal

Head: VAT & Business Advisory

Shihab Thangal is a Chartered Accountant (CA) from India. He qualified in the year 2005 and has been engaged in Accounting and Financial Accounting practice in Dubai from 2006.

Shihab’s focus in his profession is evolving business models with unique concepts and using innovative methods to successfully implement them. He formed a core group of likeminded CAs to establish an audit practice in 2006, and led the team to many impressive achievements.

One of his chief accomplishments was securing international affiliation for Haris & Associates, a Dubai firm of Chartered Accountants. He coordinated his efforts with the President of Parker Randall, UK in performing this feat. In his own words, “it was an experience that helped me find my talent for globalising our working methods and processes”.

Shihab continued as a partner in Parker Randall till 2010, when he founded Tamim Chartered Accountants (TCA) with a few close friends. In his career so far Shihab has been exposed to financial and business processes in a variety of industries. He has successfully concluded deals worth AED 150 million in private equity placements.

Shihab brings significant expertise in the following areas of work in Finance and Governance:
  • All types of audits
  • Practical orientation to global accounting standards including IAS/IFRS
  • Drafting commercial agreements
  • Arbitration and reconciliation among business partners
  • Company incorporation and related statutory approvals

Shihab is a stronger believer in professional ethics, empowerment of junior team members, and a positive response to any challenge in work and life.


UAE M : +971524225081, +919645500578

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CA Joffy Haneefa

Head: Audit & Assurance

Joffy Haneefa (Joffy) is a Chartered Accountant from India with over 14 years of post-qualification experience.

Joffy came to Dubai in 2005 and managed the Finance function of a food manufacturing company for over four years, before founding Tamim Chartered Accountants (TCA) with a few friends. He has been a partner of TCA for seven years now, and in this period he has handled clients across an impressive array of industries including property development, trading, healthcare and food.

The marquee achievements of Joffy’s career so far are successful financing arrangements and business valuation for listed companies in healthcare, and restructuring the resource planning and procurement function for a few large corporations.

Process excellence and a result-oriented approach are Joffy’s major strengths. His key special talents that are very relevant to his chosen profession are:
  • Coordinating the Finance function with the Operations seamlessly
  • Practical knowledge of global accounting standards
  • Hands-on skills with ERP installation and functioning
  • Auditing and accounting practices and methods of global standards
  • Governance initiatives for multi-divisional and multinational operations

Joffy has the ambitious goal of bringing to fruition projects that involve creation and sustenance of accounting capability pools of high quality and international class. With his experience and qualification he is ideally suited for the task.


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CA Salil Ahamed

Head: Management / Internal Audit

Salil Ahamed (Salil) is a Chartered Accountant with over 10 years of post-qualification experience across diverse cultures in the areas of internal audit, process and project management.

Salil qualified in 2004 and worked briefly in India before moving to Dubai for the position of Internal Auditor in the electronics component industry. In this job as well as the next, as Head of Group Internal Audit, Salil brought a great deal of value addition to the respective organisations in business planning, financial strategy, compliance management and implementation of mission-critical projects.

His career milestones are quite remarkable and bear testimony to his clarity of approach and goal orientation.
  • Obtaining ISO 9001 certification for a major corporate group with 100% compliance
  • Successful evaluation & implementation of ERP software in record time with significant process improvements.
  • Leading a team for creating and implementing internal control measures for a manufacturing company resulting in improvement in EBIT by over 30%
  • Heading a key project in bringing about changes in the supply chain management of a company for greater efficiency and efficacy

After over 11 years of corporate experience Salil has got into practice by becoming a partner in TCA in 2015.

Salil’s professional credo rests on two fundamental principles:

  • The Finance function needs active involvement and seamless communication with Operations, and a common-sense approach to solving business problems.
  • Finance and Accounting professionals have to consistently revalidate and enhance the systems and techniques they need to deploy.


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